Фреза FU402

Work table size mm 400×1600
Distance form table top to spindle nose mm 490
T-slots pcs. 5
Width of T-slots mm 18
Distance between T-shaped grooves mm 80
Table swivel (left and right) deg. 45
Longitudinal table travel. with manual feed mm 1250
Longitudinal travel of table mm 1230
Cross table travel – manual mm 360
Cross table travel mm 340
Vertical table travel – manual mm 460
Vertical table travel mm 440
Continuous feed
Table feed rate X,Y/Z mm/min 10-1000 / 4-416
 Table rapid traverse X,Y /Z mm/min 2500 / 1040
Spindle nose taper ISO 50
Number of spindle speeds pcs. 18
Range of motor revolutions Min-1 32-1600
Spindle speed range. special version Min-1 40-2000
Motor power kW 7,5
Feed motor power kW 2,2
Weight kg 3200 kg
Length (A) mm 2620
Width (B) mm 3590
Height (C) mm 1780

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