Кръгъл Шлайф STANKO 3m197

Max work-piece:
-Diameter: 800 mm
-Length: 6000 mm
-Weight: 10 ton
Grinding accuracy:
-Max lack of cylindrical shape (per 800 mm): 0.010 mm
-Out-of-roundness: 0.003 mm
-Roughness Ra: 0.32
Grinding wheel dimensions: 750×100 mm
Min grinding diameter: 80 mm
Intermittent in feed per radius: 0.0025-0.03 mm
Surface speed of grinding wheel: 50 m/s
Main motor: 30 kW
Total power requirement: 47,5 kW
-Length: 17460 mm
-Width: 4180 mm
-Height: 2450 mm
Machine weight: 42200 kg


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