Description:51.01 type 320
Dimensions of the table working surface:320×1500 mm
Max. dimensions of the grinding surfaces:320×1500 mm
Max. dimensions of the parts placed for grinding: L x B x H:1500x360x400 mm
Dimension of the magnetic table working surface:1500 x 300 mm
Table longitudinal speed range:1,5 … 40 m/min
Distance from the spindle axis to the working surface of the table: max./min.:630 / 190 mm
Cross traverse of the grinding slide:

  • maximum /by hand and hydraulic/
  • the dial graduated in
  • movement per revolution of the dial
  • 420 mm
  • 0,05 mm
  • 4,5 mm
Range of the continuous cross traverse rates of the grinding slide:0,5 … 3 mm
Range of intermittent cross feeds of the grinding slide at table reversal:0,5 … 30 mm/min
Range of the vertical automatic feeds of the grinding slide:0,005 … 0,1 mm
Rapid traverse speed – vertical:0,4 m/min
Rapid traverse speed – cross:3 m/min
Wheelhead slide – minimum downfedd with handwheel:0,005 mm
Grinding wheel:

  • dimensions
  • peripheral speed
  • 450 x 203×63 mm
  • 35 m/s
Main motor power:13 kW
Type of control:hydromechanical

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