Table size:320 x 1350 mm
T – slots:
– number x size x dist.:5x18x63 mm
Table swivel:
– left and right:45 deg.
Longitudinal table travel:
– manual:1000 mm
– automatic:980 mm
Cross table travel:
– manual:360 mm
– automatic:340 mm
Vertical table travel:
– manual:460 mm
– automatic:440 mm
Distance from table:
Top to spindle axis:
– min:30 mm
– max:490 mm
Spindle nose taper:ISO 50
Number of spindle speeds:18
Spindle speed range:
– normal:32-1600 rpm
– option:40-2000 rpm
Number of table feeds:stepless
Table feed rate:
– x, y / z:10…1000/4…415 mm
Table rapid traverse:
– x,y / z:2500 / 1040 mm/min
Main motor power:7,5 kW
Feed motor power:2,2 kW
Machine weight, approx:2780 kg

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